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acuhorn tube amplifiers output transformerless. The profit of 6C33C tubes the highest level of Amperes in the world. The huge level setup class A per tube is 600mA. Acuhorn amplifier connected the fastest power supply technology with vintage audiophile tubes' qualities. The Vicor power modules at 2MHz is excellently supporting splendid performance in audio. Created a powerful amplifier in pure class A, the beauty of the single ended triode for audiophiles. Each tube operates independently with self-regulation. Input voltage mains autoranging 90-264Vac 47-440H. Include 21 stepped attenuator volume control.

6C33C amplifier design
acuhorn S1 stereo one tube per channel     S1 manual pdf
acuhorn S2 stereo two tubes per channel     S2 manual pdf
acuhorn M2 monoblock two tubes per channel     M2 manual pdf
acuhorn M4 monoblock four tubes per channel     M4 manual pdf

acuhorn rosso superiore175
acuhorn nero125
acuhorn giovane85
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acuhorn nero125 Enjoy The Music superior audio
acuhorn nero125 TNT-Audio
acuhorn rosso superiore175 High Fidelity Award of the Year 2007
acuhorn nero125 High Fidelity Award of the Year 2004