audiophile DSD  converter  DAC & headphone  amplifier

Acuhorn R2R H

Acuhorn R2R H

Audiophile DAC & DSD Converter with Class-A Mosfet Headphone Amplifier

Acuhorn R2R H we built this city on solid state TPCA Toshiba superfast transistor with Award Statement in High Fidelity working single ended in pure class-A and digital to analog converter loaded FPGA Spartan 6 discrete R2R ladder with Award Best Product in High Fidelity to enjoy the sensations for direct stream digital DSD music. Compatible with all types of music file formats. For computer audiophile by USB audio or other audio device by optic SPDIF. State of the art powered by Vicor modules.

R2R ladder 28 bit resolution 384Khz dac by Soekris. Loaded FPGA Spartan 6 technology oversampling up to 3.072Mhz. Frequency range +0.1dB -1.0dB 20hz - 20Khz. Total harmonic distortion + noise <0.008%. Clock jitter RMS 0.8 pS typical. Resistors precision 28 bit 0.02% resistors. Signal to noise ratio 20 Khz bandwith 129 dB unweighted. Input SPDIF up to 24 bit 192 Khz. Input I2S PCM up to 24 bit 384 Khz. Input I2S DSD up to DoP128 and DSD256.

Automatic input selection of USB audio device or optic SPDIF. R-2R direct single ended output: 1.4V RMS Zout 640 ohm for high impedance input transformer or input tube amplifier. Buffered single ended output: 1.4V RMS Zout 10 ohm for any input amplifier or headphones.

Digital input USB Type B audio adapter Amanero combo384 compatible with Mac OSX®, Linux and Microsoft Windows®. Digital input optical Toslink. All analog outputs are with volume control: 2x stereo RCA outputs: R-2R direct and buffered and 2x headphone outputs: 3.5mm and 6.3mm.

Pure class-A Mosfet headphone single ended amplifier. Solid state TPCA Toshiba transistor. 2x thick film resistors SMD 3521 1% per channel. Separate dual mono power supply.

Power supply is the best Vicorpower modules. DC-DC converters provide high power density and low noise High frequency Mhz switching. Advanced power processing in a small size. Autoranging 90-264Vac network voltage, for worldwide use.

technical specifications
input voltage mains autoranging 90-264Vac
maximum input power 35W
discrete R-2R sign magnitude DAC type
stepped attenuator volume control
2 signal input I2S by USB and SPDIF Toslink
2 audio output R-2R direct and buffered
2 headphone output 3.5mm and 6.3mm
internal cable OCC copper
terminal rhodium
weight 1,6kg
dimensions W 320 x D 200 x H 28mm

Acuhorn R2R H manual
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