superleggera  is put on wood and  neodymiun engine

Acuhorn Nero

Acuhorn Nero125

The Best Back Loaded Horn Loudspeaker

Acuhorn nero125 is the high fidelity cutting edge gear. This acoustic genuine solution was launched in 2004 with the Award of the Year in High Fidelity. It now includes the latest superleggera line. This purposefully light driver has no body at all. It is suspended between a wooden enclosure and a neodymiun engine. Lightweight wood materials are used to build it. The best review in the audio magazine Enjoy The Music Superior Audio. Have a taste of that bestseller featuring much positive feedback.

Acuhorn genuine solution of sound processing. Breaking an acoustic wave at a golden ratio between the segments of a source of signal and a gap and a horn mouth. High sensitivity gives connect to each one single ended triode amplifier. Speaker equipped with a hi-tech acuhorn drivers superleggera. Wooden good sound construction of lightweight materials. Natural wood veneer finish of enclosure.

Superleggera is wonderful ideas to create sound. As in the famous violin acoustic instruments. Suspending the driver of speaker between the wood. As in the case of violin, her soundpost and bassbar. Effect, both sound smooth and detailed.

Light driver has no body at all. New neodymium magnet with very thick stream. Pure paper light membrane 4gr. Precision cut armco iron engine profile. Air gap streaming jump 1,0 mm. Voice coil thin wire diameter 180 micron.

technical specifications
two acoustic chambers type + big horn
wooden enclosure lightweight materials
one driver acuhorn type superleggera
neodymium engine precision cut profile
impedance 8 ohm
sensitivity 96 dB
internal cable occ copper
terminal rhodium
weight 15 kg piece
dimensions W20 D47 H120 cm

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  light driver  has  no body  at all

Neodymium  Engine


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