amazing  soundstage  very natural in acoustic music

Acuhorn 15

Acuhorn 15

High Sensitivity Stereo Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Acuhorn 15 Super bass deep and very natural in acoustic music. Amazing soundstage, huge and picturesque. Beautiful deep vocals with extraordinary sensitivity. Sound reproduction in the piano recordings is very accurate and precise. Speakers can play with a very powerful sound. It is the authoritative message, I feel that it should sound just like that.

15 inch bass speaker diaphragm surface area 800cm2 comparable to four pieces of 8 inch speakers. Motor system powered by neodymium magnets. Voice coil diameter 77 mm (3 in) with copper winding material all the best is indeed.

Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter has driving force distributed evenly over the whole area. The driver has linear phase response and impedance in the audio frequency range. Diaphragm is almost weightless has provides an immediate and precise response to any transients in the original signal. With this tweeter there is no need to manipulate parts for correcting the crossover filter. It gives you a difference.

Performance advantage filter type first order crossover. Listening sessions to use precisely model high and low pass. All crossover parts are made by the Mundorf company. Pure design without resistors in the audio path.

Superb stiffened and acoustically balanced housing. Wooden good sound construction of lightweight materials. Natural wood veneer finish of enclosure. Flat loudspeakers very good for positioning in the room.

technical specifications
one acoustic chamber bassreflex
HF Driver HiVi neodymium
LF Driver FaitalPRO neodymium
first order crossover 1kHz
impedance 8 ohm
sensitivity 96 dB
weight 25 kg piece
dimensions D24 W57 H105 cm

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Acuhorn 15 manual

  beautiful  deep vocals with  extraordinary sensitivity

Ribbon & 15  Bass


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