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Acuhorn 15 Super bass deep and very natural in acoustic music. Amazing soundstage, huge and picturesque. Beautiful deep vocals with extraordinary sensitivity. Sound reproduction in the piano recordings is very accurate and precise. Speakers can play with a very powerful sound. It is the authoritative message, I feel that it should sound just like that.

technical specifications
one acoustic chamber bassreflex
HF Driver HiVi neodymium
LF Driver FaitalPRO neodymium
first order crossover 1kHz
impedance 8 ohm
sensitivity 96 dB
weight 25 kg piece
dimensions D24 W57 H105 cm

acuhorn 15 review highfidelity
acuhorn 15 review hifiknights
acuhorn 15 manual

15 inch bass speaker diaphragm surface area 800cm2
comparable to four pieces of 8 inch speakers.
Motor system powered by neodymium magnets.
Voice coil diameter 77 mm (3 in)
with copper winding material all the best is indeed.

Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter has driving force distributed evenly over the whole area.
The driver has linear phase response and impedance in the audio frequency range.
Diaphragm is almost weightless has provides an immediate
and precise response to any transients in the original signal.
With this tweeter there is no need to manipulate parts for correcting the crossover filter.
It gives you a difference.

Performance advantage filter type first order crossover.
Listening sessions to use precisely model high and low pass.
All crossover parts are made by the Mundorf company.
Pure design without resistors in the audio path.

Superb stiffened and acoustically balanced housing.
Wooden good sound construction of lightweight materials.
Natural wood veneer finish of enclosure.
Flat loudspeakers very good for positioning in the room.

High Fidelity review Acuhorn 15
Acuhorn will dominate soundstage - their message is substantial and building soundstage is similar to what we get with headphones. Acuhorn builds a dense, large "bubble" to which we are connected. They present adequate and complete transitions between the instruments.

Model 15 is not trying to kill us with bass, it isn't pumping the air out of control. They are not stage monitors and they do not pretend to be such. In this sense, they try not to impose too much of their character resulting from the large size. Bass has no clear textures, it is not very high-resolution, and yet we feel full control over it.

The lower mid-range is a little withdrawn. The vocals were nicely presented, not being a "point" but the real body of mass. But also the lower registers of the voice were somewhat tempered. The point is not that it is a light sound, because it is exactly the opposite.

Incredibly interesting is also the tweeter. It has a sweet, very voiced tone and it does not emphasize the attack. It is incredibly detailed and supplies a lot of information. It does this without imposing its presence, without brightening. With this method of reproduction of high frequences 15s are the speakers with a warm, sweet sound, with bass reaching deep down. This gives the sound of a large volume, momentum and size. Especially important is the momentum.

Perhaps that is why Acuhorn 15 "join" the system so well, even when they are its least expensive component. And that's because they slim nothing, or play with "one note." They do not also try to attract attention to themselves, because the focus stays on the major virtual sources of the foreground and on a multitude of things that are happening towards the back of the soundstage. And the soundstage is very stable, the speakers actually disappear from the equation, they are not "heard" themselves.

Like other successful designs with a wide front wall, I would even say that the solution behind Acuhorn speakers 15 is much more interesting and gives more natural results.

Music reproduced in this way is, for me, more natural. The large speaker enhances not only the wider bandwidth and real bass, but above all the scale of sound, its dynamics, the momentum, the size of the soundstage and the quality of high frequencies. It all adds up to fullness, tone and naturalness that I appreciate the most.

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