acuhorn rosso superiore175 operating on two vectors will feel splendid in all listening conditions. Excell in bringing out the full-bodied quality and solid imagery of recordings. Superb low frequency definition worked out by the double driver let you hear controlled depth of better timed bass. Now entertainment is enhanced by grip, pace and punch with all round energy of musical events. Uniquely light diaphragms transmit tremendous presence to instruments and vocals. Applying our sound processing invention resulted in acoustic and spacious performance. Modern music is full and juicy.

technical specifications:
wooden four acoustic chambers dipol type
double neodymium driver acuhorn TSR200
impedance 4 ohm
sensitivity 99 dB
internal silver cable Siltech G6
terminal Nextgen WBT-0710 Ag
weight 50 kg piece
dimensions W 20 x D 40 x H 175 cm