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The latest special are the best High End digital DAC & AMP design is Acuhorn R2R + RATE granted the BEST PRODUCT 2017 High Fidelity award. Recently introduced the rare puristic design of "One Big Tube" tube amplifiers Acuhorn TT with input transformer and output transformer. OTL tube amplifiers series, specially Acuhorn S2, the best matched with high sensitivity speakers. Award Statement 2010 series of Mosfet single ended amplifiers in mono and stereo versions. At the beginning presented genuine solution high sensitivity single driver speakers, with highly recommended Acuhorn Nero125. Acuhorn founded in 2003.


Best Product 2017 High Fidelity R2R Hi-tech Streamer & DAC with Mark Red Fingerprint
Best Product 2017 High Fidelity RATE Class-d Amplifier with Mark Red Fingerprint
Award Statement 2010 High Fidelity mono3.5 Monoblock Amplifier Mosfet
Product of The Year 2007 High Fidelity Rosso Superiore175 Improved Audio Dipole Speakers
Product of The Year 2004 High Fidelity Nero125 Speakers



The featured products

Acuhorn R2R XT Balanced Tube Stage DAC
Acuhorn R2R T Tube Stage DAC
Acuhorn R2R TS Super Tube Stage DAC
Acuhorn R2R H Headphone AMP DAC
Acuhorn R2R XD Balanced DAC
Acuhorn R2R DAC & Hi-tech Streamer Award 2017
Acuhorn RATE Class-d Amplifier Award 2017
Acuhorn TT Original Tube Amplifier

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Acuhorn 15 High Sensitivity Speakers
Acuhorn M4 Monoblock Tube Amplifier OTL
Acuhorn M2 Monoblock Tube Amplifier OTL
Acuhorn S2 Stereo Tube Amplifier OTL
Acuhorn S1 Stereo Tube Amplifier OTL
Acuhorn mono6 Monoblock Amplifier Mosfet
Acuhorn stereo3 Stereo Amplifier Mosfet
Acuhorn rosso superiore175 superleggera Dipole Speakers
Acuhorn nero125 superleggera Speakers
Acuhorn giovane85 superleggera Speakers
Acuhorn mono3.5 Monoblock Amplifier Mosfet Award 2010
Acuhorn nero125 improved audio Speakers
Acuhorn rosso superiore175 improved audio Dipole Speakers Award 2007
Acuhorn rosso superiore175 classic Dipole Speakers
Acuhorn grand biancore155 classic Dipole Speakers Munich High End 2005
Acuhorn nero125 classic Speakers Award 2004
Acuhorn rosso135 classic Speakers
Acuhorn secco145 classic Speakers

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